Ceremony & Events

Seeds of Light Festival

Seeds of Light Fest is a one of a kind 1 day festival that celebrates our Earth, our Community and Ourselves!

Created by the collaboration of Shift and Sacred Ibis in support of the initiative Gracie - Love in a Bowl, Seeds of Light Fest promises to be a day filled with fun, love, celebration and growth!

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Moon Lodge & Warrior Teachings

With Gerri Stevenson and Robin Youngblood.

This is an invitation to all Sisters and Brothers to celebrate the ancient ceremonies of communicating with the ancestors, sharing our gifts and passing the women’s wisdom and men's wisdom on to our daughters and sons.

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World Wisdom Gathering

World Wisdom Gatherings are a means to tap into the indigenous and universal wisdom of nations around the Earth. The events are convened to impart healing and knowledge through ceremony and community building. The vision is that through ceremony, teachings, group building and sharing we can carry the seeds of a New World into our lives beyond the Gatherings.

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